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C8 Chevy Corvette aluminum structural repair parts sales limited by GM

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CAR MAINTENANCE | AUTO REPAIR | MECHANIC ADVICE - C8 Chevy Corvette aluminum structural repair parts sales limited by GM

C8 Chevy Corvette aluminum structural repair parts sales limited by GM

After 67 years of front-engined efficiency, new Chevrolet Corvette house owners are going to need to get used to mid-engined dynamics, and a few of them are going to try this by operating into issues. The primary C8 Corvette crash occurred final August, earlier than serial manufacturing started. This chewed-on Corvette confirmed up on a flatbed in March, not lengthy after manufacturing began. In April, this man obtained hit by a drunk driver the day after taking supply of his Corvette. And earlier this month, somebody launched a C8 right into a area and deserted it. Veteran Corvette house owners will even have to get used to GM’s stricter repair insurance policies for the brand new sports activities car. A member of the Corvette Discussion board discovered an article on the automakers TechLink website that explains, “Structural repairs have to be made by licensed GM Collision Repair Community (CRN) or Cadillac Aluminum Repair Community (CARN) retailers. Non-certified retailers is not going to be permitted to obtain the restricted structural half numbers from a GM dealership. Nearly all of the structural body parts for the C8 Corvette can be placed on parts restriction.” 

This restriction is not new amongst automakers, neither is it new for GM. Homeowners who’ve crashed mid-engined exotics just like the Audi R8, or an aluminum-intensive chassis’ like a Jaguar, or perhaps a Honda with an aluminum subframe, will most likely have encountered the necessities for an OEM-certified shop and OEM parts. The seventh-generation Corvette sat on an aluminum chassis, and a Corvette Discussion board member says a ‘Vette physique shop advised him “with a view to receives a commission by an insurance coverage firm for body repair they needed to be ‘licensed,’ on this case by GM.” In response to a shop that stated its Mercedes-Benz certification was accepted by different producers, the method includes constructing a clear room for repairs, shopping for a specific sort of MIG welder and instruments, coaching for technicians, using OEM parts and contractual adherence to OEM-approved repair procedures.

What seems to be new in all of that is GM codifying the problem and limiting sales of sure half numbers, the identical manner Audi would solely promote sure structural R8 parts to retailers it had licensed. Some potential Corvette patrons will take this as GM limiting the consumer’s proper to repair and bemoan elevated insurance coverage premiums, others will doubtless shrug and say, “Welcome to the all-aluminum, mid-engined life.”




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