Rideshare driving done safely

Get 911 help with one tap, fully automated


How it works

Hold the button for 2 seconds

After 2 seconds, we call 911 for you.

We share your information

We give dispatch location updates, your car description, and let them listen in on what’s going on in the car.

Emergency help meets you

Whether you’re driving or pulled over, emergency assistance will find you.

Why do rideshare drivers use Safecar?

A real panic button

You may not always be able to reach your phone. You may not want anyone else in the car to know you’re calling for help. You’ll have a physical button out of sight and within reach.

No middle man — just 911

We take your safety and security seriously. We skip call centers or middlemen and go straight to 911. We’re here to help you get real help as quickly as possible.

Fully automated

We hope you’re never in harm’s way, but if you are, Safecar tells 911 what they need to know so you can stay focused on the situation. We automatically give location updates, your car’s information, and let 911 hear what’s going on in the car.

Who can use Safecar?

Rideshare drivers

It doesn’t matter which company you drive for: you should always be one tap away from 911 help.

Everyday drivers

You may not drive for a rideshare company, but you can still rest easy with automated, immediate help.

Because your safety is worth it

Pre-order the first fully automated and always-ready panic button.

Pay annually
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You save $48/year

Billed as one payment of $59.88

Pay every 6 months


You save $26.88/year

Billed as two payments of $40.50

Pay monthly



Billed monthly

All prices include

  • Bluetooth-enabled button with adhesive backing
  • 24/7 availability across the U.S.
  • No hidden fees for 911 calls
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back
For our pre-order, you will not be charged until your order ships. Cancel at any time.